Whether you are an employer interested in sponsoring a foreign national for an employment-based green card or a professional or skilled worker interested in obtaining a temporary work visa or green card then it is highly advisable to consult with an immigration attorney who specializes in employment visas. The following are some examples in which it is beneficial to hire an employment visa attorney:


What Are My Options In Terms Of Employment Visas?

As a professional or skilled worker, you may be eligible for various types of employment visas; however, you may be unsure of the best option available to you. Immigration attorneys in Colorado specializing in employment-based visas can help eligible workers decide which visa best meets their specific needs.

You Are An Employer Interested in Sponsoring A Foreign National For A Green Card

You should seek legal advice if you are an employer and your company is interested in sponsoring professional or skilled foreign nationals for employment-based green cards. In order to sponsor a foreign worker for an employment-based green card, many different processes and multiple government agencies are involved.  In most cases, a foreign labor certification must be approved by the U.S. Department of Labor through a complex process known as PERM. For these reasons, you should seek the advice of an experienced employment visa attorney.


You are Not Certain Whether You Are Eligible For An Employment-Based Visa Because of Your Current Immigration Status.

If you are not certain whether you are eligible for a work visa in the U.S. because you are unsure of your current immigration status (e.g., whether your visa is still valid) or because you have violated the conditions of your current work visa then we can assist you in determining whether you are eligible for an employment visa based on your immigration status.


Experienced Employment Visa Attorney

The immigration laws and regulations governing the process of applying for an employment visa can seem very confusing and even daunting, especially if your employer is willing to sponsor you but doesn’t know how to apply for your work visa.

The Law Office of Jonathan Chin has successfully prepared many employment-based immigrant visas. In addition, we have extensive expertise and experience working closely with employers and USCIS to minimize the myriad of complications that may arise and complete all necessary steps in order to obtain a successful outcome.

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